Motability Operations delivers affordable leasing for almost 634,000 customers, under contract to Motability, the national charity. Established in 1978, we offer a worry-free package which enables people with a wide range of disabilities to achieve freedom and independence.

Highlights 2019


Investment, following consultation with Motability, into supporting customers to deliver worry-free mobility


Customer renewal rate at the end of lease


Overall customer satisfaction (independently measured)


Employee engagement: 11pts higher than ‘High-Performing Organisations’ benchmark (independently measured)


Charitable donation paid to Motability Foundation funding their broader support of the disabled community


Minimum number of cars available to customers this year which don’t cost more than the qualifying allowance

Leadership statements

Photo of Rt. Hon Sir Stephen O’Brien KBE
An impressive performance during a year with some exceptional challenges. Rt. Hon Sir Stephen O’Brien KBE, Chairman
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We recognise that our customers rely on the Motability Scheme and that we need to protect this over the long term. Mike Betts, Chief Executive

Delivering for our stakeholders

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Delivering for our customers

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Empowering our employees

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Supporting disabled communities

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Impacting economies positively

How we deliver and protect the Scheme

The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to get mobile by exchanging their higher rate mobility allowance to lease a new vehicle. Customers choose from a huge range of cars, scooters, powered wheelchairs or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, all of which come with a fully inclusive lease package.

Motability Operations operates the Scheme in partnership with major car manufacturers, a UK-wide network of over 4,500 dealers, plus business partners providing insurance, breakdown and tyre replacement services.

Empowering our employees

Business model

Our objectives

Universal service offering
Worry-free mobility
Excellent customer service
Affordable choice
Value for money

How we add value

Our proposition

  • We aim to deliver value and an excellent service for customers by providing an affordable, consistent, worry free leasing proposition which is universally available across the UK.
  • Our proposition is delivered in a sustainable manner to ensure that we meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow's customers.

Our people

  • The way we work is central to delivering and meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Our employees are passionate about what we do, and benefit from a strong and supportive culture.
  • We aim to recruit and retain the talent needed to maintain our strong performance over the long term.

Our partners

  • Working with our key partners we provide worry-free mobility including servicing, breakdown assistance, insurance, tyre and windscreen replacement.
  • We have developed strategic relationships with mainstream car manufacturers and support specialist training across the UK dealership network.

The value we create

Delivering for our customers

633,900 Customers on the scheme

45% Cheaper than market alternatives

98% Worry-free satisfaction

£213m Reinvested into improving our customer proposition

Empowering our employees

95% Employee engagement

50:50 Gender balance in senior leadership team

42% Roles filled internally

7% Talent retention is high with attrition less than 7%

Supporting disabled communities

£852m Donation to Motability Foundation (FY2018: £400m)

70 carsProvided for families of children through Family Fund and Motability (charity)

£55,000Donations based around employee fundraising

20,000 Attendees at 'One Big Day' events across the country

Positive economic impact

£3.6bn Purchases from UK dealers

>49,000 Customers' and carers' studies supported by customer’s car

>32,000 Jobs linked to the Scheme

100 Jobs to be created at our new office opening near Edinburgh

Annual Report 2019

Delivering for our customers

How we improved our customer offering

Invest into customer support £213m

Our initiatives in the year

  • After consultation with Motability we Increased our investment in the ‘Good Condition Bonus’ which rewards customers who return their vehicle in a good condition; this is paid to 94% of customers at the end of their lease.
  • We continued to invest in a range of solutions to support continuous mobility should our customer’s vehicle be off the road for a period of time (e.g. mechanical fault, accident repairs, etc.).
  • Over 1m hire cars days were provided in the year and over 25,000 taxis paid for.
  • Subsidise cost of adaptations which support customer needs; many are available free of charge if fitted at the start of a lease.
  • We fitted almost 24,000 free adaptations for customers who have taken a new car during the year.
  • Supported customers who lost their eligibility to the Scheme by providing a rent-free period following the loss of their allowance (generally eight weeks). Extended periods of rent-free cover are provided to support customers who are going through the PIP reassessment appeal process.

Delivering for our customers

Empowering our employees

Supporting employee satisfaction

The people at MO are what make this company special. Everyone is aiming for the same goal, to help our customers. We are all aligned in our day-today activity.

Our initiatives in the year

  • Our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers is central to our culture and our employees live and breathe this every day.
  • Regardless of whether an individual is in a directly customer-facing role or supporting behind the scenes, we all have the same overall goal and embrace our core values.
  • We strive to bring out the best in our people by taking onboard feedback and implementing changes where possible.
  • Over the last 12 months we have initiatives to create an inclusive workplace, ranging from dynamic working to launching family-friendly approaches.
  • Over the next 12 months we are looking to build on our significant achievements by continuing to focus on inclusive approaches to drive improvements in our gender pay gap, strengthen our leadership teams, integrate our new teams in Edinburgh, and refresh our recruitment strategies.

Empowering our employees

Supporting disabled communities

Charitable donations to Motability (£m cumulative)

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FY2019 donation £852m

Initiatives during the year

  • An exceptional donation to the Motability Foundation, this was made possible through an excellent trading performance and adjustments to the capital position.
  • An additional £100M was invested to support existing customers.
  • The Motability Foundation, established by Motability, the Charity, will use its best endeavours to enhance the lives of disabled people and their families by helping with their transportation needs and independence.
  • We continue to offer our facilities to a number of disability organisations to host meetings or events. This will continue with our new Edinburgh office which will include a sensory area and a registered Changing Places toilet facility.
  • Employees engaged in supporting local and national initiatives with company donations of £55K mainly through our “mycommunity” programme.
  • A £300K charitable donation was made to Wizzybugs to support their provision of powered wheelchairs to disabled children.

Supporting communities

Positive economic impact

Around 18,000 Motability Scheme Specialists employed across a national network of almost 5,000 approved Motability dealers

Around 18,000 Motability Dealer Specialists employed across a national network of almost 5,000 approved Motability dealers
Map of the United Kingdom

Initiatives during the year

  • An independent review (2018) of the economic impact of the Motability Car Scheme provided an estimate of the positive impact the Scheme has in both economic and social terms.
  • The report estimates that more than 32,000 jobs are in some way reliant on the Motability Scheme.
  • The social impact of the Scheme goes beyond its core economic contribution as the customer’s chosen vehicle improves their independence, widens access to healthcare, education, employment and social activities.
  • It is estimated that almost 50,000 customers and carers were able to study for qualifications due to a Motability car.
  • To support call volumes and continue to provide customers with an excellent service including extended opening hours, we are investing in a new building near Edinburgh which in due course will employ around 100 people in new roles.

Impacting economies